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Will — Definition

A will is a legal document that specifies what you want to have done with your property after you die.  It names a person called an "executor" to handle the transfers and wind down your estate, and it specifies who gets what and how your estate is to be divided.  If you have minor children, a will is usually the place where one names the person or persons you want to act as guardian(s) for your children.  You can leave your property to anybody you choose—not only to the obvious choices of spouse and children, but also to friends, institutions, charities, and anybody or anything else who could actually make use of your estate.  If you are married, however, you can only transfer one-half of any community property.  A will is designed to enable relatively quick disposition of your estate, and, in most cases, children will inherit under a will when they turn 18.  If you want continuing supervision of your assets, you definitely need a trust.

Pourover Wills

If you have a trust, you should also have a "pourover will" to go with it.  This is a special will that basically provides that any assets not already in your trust at the time of your death be "poured over" into the trust and be managed by the terms of the trust.























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